Apple exports

One of the most important factors influencing the success of Iranian exports is having a reasonable price, quality and customer responsiveness. Our company has made unremitting efforts for these factors. For this reason, customers will be satisfied with our cooperation. We are proud that these factors are the most important role of our growing growth and development

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Packing and sorting fruit in 7 stars

In the fruit trade, the most important point is the packaging and sorting of fruits for export. If this step is not done properly, the possibility of spoilage, decline or low quality of products will increase. Our company with experience and technical and specialized knowledge in this field and benefiting from the latest equipment in the field of packaging, including atmospheric control, the use of nano and vacuum methods in packaging or the use of organic coatings such as wax And polishing) maintains the quality of the fruit in the best possible way and while maintaining freshness until the final destination. Therefore, the exported fruit reaches the final consumer by preserving the real flavor

Apple exports

Apple trees are grown in most parts of the world, and it is safe to say that apple fruit is found in all parts of the world. Apple fruit (which we sometimes know as tree apple) has different types, the wild type of this fruit is small and the cultivated type is also large. In general, the situation of apple tree exports in our country is a good situation

Apple tree exports and apple production in Iran have grown very well in the past year. Statistics and results obtained from apple export and production studies confirm this positive growth. Various cities in Iran are active in the field of apple production, which prepares the best apple trees for export. There are important points in apple exports, if they are observed, the export volume can be increased more than twice as much as last year. Finding the right market for exports is one of them.

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